Guest post by Sue Windley – Communicating with customers 

Intro:  Sue and I met throught pre-Likeminds conversation and kept in touch after the event.  Here she is : I am a newbie cat-owner. Although I grew up with pets, this is the first time an animal is actually my responsibility! It’s been a while since I was at the beginner’s stage for anything – [...]

What parenthood teaches me about client management in 9 POINTS 

I remember on the day my daughter was born saying to my self, this was the biggest and most wonderful job of my life and I was not sure I could deliver.  For a few months, I went  through so many phases in one day that I cannot find a better word than rollercoaster. Of [...]

Small Business Seminar – How Entrepreneurs can use social media 

I am very eager to share with you my ideas. This being my first post, I would love your input on how I am doing. One thing is certain; I am laying it all out with an open and receptive spirit. In my journey to helping companies, large and small,better grasp all the opportunities that [...]


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