Social media Converging sources 

  Check this presentation by Karima-Catherine to the Canadian Media Guild in September.   Karima catherine september25_canadianguildfinal from Karima-Catherine Goundiam

Your blogging platform shuts down, now what? 

  Posterous turned off today, on April 30th, after less than 5 years on the market and being acquired by Twitter in March 2012.  Then statement from founder and CEO reads (Click to enlarge)   I don’t know about you but my perception is that they’ve got funding, got bought out and got happy. Was [...]

The most engaged brands on Twitter 

  Twitter for business   Nestivity, a social media startup developing community software tools for Twitter, released a list of the top twenty-five brands with the most engaged Twitter audiences. I have been made aware of Nestivity very recently, thanks to a post by Jure Klepic, Feathering Our Community With Nestivity. According to the start-up, Nestivity [...]

This is not a social media crisis 

    It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. Warren Buffett Why don’t more organizations listen to Mr Buffet’s word? RBC’s  leadership should be thinking about Mr Buffett’s words long and hard as with social media, it takes about [...]

Who should own social media 

This post is one that I meant to write for a couple of years and I never got to it.  My experience in corporate, Small and medium business and consulting showed me that who and which department owns social media within an organization possesses the power to foster success or bring failures to an organization’s [...]

YouTube History #Infographics 

YouTube evolution – from 2005 to Present

Are moms the most tech-savvy in the household? By my #Deloitte colleague @jreagan123 

My response: I am a mom and I happen to be tech savvy. My 67-year-old mom is owner/over user of an Iphone, Ipad and laptop. She tried and returned all tablets including the Playbook, Galaxy,…and ended up with the new Iphone. My kiddies (3 and 6) are not far behind. I guess, my husband – [...]

Social Media practitioner 

“What does a social media manager do?” ” What type of social media do you does your company do”? I get those two questions both from people outside the social media industry and from other social media professionals as well. So, I figure I would give you insights into my role and responsibilities as a [...]

What makes a great place to work? #Poll 

  Posted via email from Karima-Catherine

Which type of innovator are you? #Innovation 

I attended Deloitte Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies. One of the takeaway from the long-day event was Malcolm Gladwell’s keynote. He addressed the first-movers’ advantage and essentially looked at innovation through the lenses of inventors, implementers, and tweakers.


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