Your blogging platform shuts down, now what?


Posterous turned off today, on April 30th, after less than 5 years on the market and being acquired by Twitter in March 2012.  Then statement from founder and CEO reads (Click to enlarge) Posterous shutting down announcement


I don’t know about you but my perception is that they’ve got funding, got bought out and got happy. Was it Twitter’s idea or Posterous’ to let go of  the 15 millions users a month that had build content on the platform. Other Posterous co-founder, Garry Tan went on to build Posthaven, a blogging platform that promises to be the safe place for all your posts forever and is hoping to recuperate all the indignant Posterous users. Not sure it is important at this point or if anyone cares.

Case in point : If you build on someone else’s real estate, you run the risk to loose it all one day. In today social era, brands are not the only ones sharing original content. Individuals have prolific blogs and content out there. For anyone serious about publishing and sharing content online, having a solid technological platform is crucial. Clients and prospects find you mostly via your online presence. A PricewaterhouseCoopers study reveals that “ 83% of U.S. consumers go online to research electronics, computers, books, music and movies before buying those items in brick-and-mortar stores

If you would like help in build ing a solid and robust online presence, consult a professional. I can help and guide you achieve success.



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